Save water by showering together, says Axe

Today is Earth Day, and Axe Canada and ad agency Zig are sexing up the proceedings (it's about time!) by recommending that you share your shower with significant others (and insignificant others!) to conserve water. I've been suggesting this at the office via e-mails and break-room flyers, but no one ever replies. "Take action, take your clothes off," the ad instructs. I probably shouldn't have complied with that request in my cubicle, but it was a slow morning and my Dockers make my knees itch. Look, I'm all for "showerpooling," but I can't even get into the shower these days with all the plastic water bottles piled up to my ceiling. I've got some issues to work through. First of all, I've got to find my pants.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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