The Scavenging Raccoons From Geico’s New TV Ad Are Doing Gross Cooking Demos Online

The Martin Agency dreams up Raccookin'

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Usually when a brand unveils a TV spot, any related content online is, at best, a marginal value-add. But lately, Geico's online extras have been at least as good—and in many cases, more fun or innovative or just plain weird—than the TV work.

We saw this with the Ice T work last month, and it's been true going back to the "Momversations" campaign with actress Cindy Drummond late last year.

Now, The Martin Agency has unveiled another fun TV-spot-plus-online-extras campaign, this time featuring some garbage-scavenging raccoons.In the TV spot, one raccoon is seen eating from a garbage can and remarking how awful it is, and then trying to get his buddy to try it (because "it's what you do").

The spot is amusing, as far as it goes. But Martin expands the concept online with a comical series of videos called Raccookin', in which the raccoons (or rather, lifeless raccoon arms) whip up some gnarly dishes in a series of disgusting cooking demonstrations, using ingredients found in their trash travels.

It's disposable content, sure, but it's done well (the hands constantly fumbling, prop-like, with the ingredients is a nice touch) and adds a layer of fun that nicely parodies the cooking-tutorial content that's everywhere these days. 

See the Raccookin' spots below. 

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