Senator Strips in Cheeky Ad Aimed at Fighting Money in Politics

D.C.'s worst pole dancer

Here's something you don't see every day: a stripping politician. No, it's not Anthony Weiner. It's an ad for, a new organization created late last year to fight the influence of money in politics. Josh Silver, the founder, is betting that a provocative ad—with a not-too-subtle metaphor for how politics works these days—can help him create a grassroots movement to pressure policymakers to enact sweeping reforms. "We need to get people's attention," he said. "We wanted an ad that cuts to the truisms."

This one may do it. It opens with an aide telling a white-haired, well-coiffed Senator, "We need these guys. They have deep pockets." Soon the Senator is stripped down to red-white-and-blue briefs, while people stuff wads of cash into his pants. Hackett Creative created the ad, offering to produce it pro bono at cost because he felt the problem of money in politics is "the most important in the nation," Randy Hackett told Silver. He has created advertising for brands including IBM, Johnson & Johnson and American Express and directed spots for Delta Airlines, ESPN and Motel 6. The ad for was produced for less than $25,000. It will run online and move to Washington, D.C., cable next week.