Serra Honda Man Terminates the Rusty Forces of Evil

Superhero of savings returns for new ads

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Everyone's favorite corpulent Alabama-based automotive superhero, Serra Honda Man, is back with a new commercial co-starring Serra Honda Girl. Together, they put a rusted hunk of metal in his place—by firing a laser at his head. Judging by the dealer's blog post, with some photos from the set, we can probably expect the superheroes to rain hell down upon a dinosaur next. Check out the diary entries, too: "After finishing up some publicity photos against the green screen, the superheroes enjoyed a snack break and a few moments of rest before back on the set. With the Birmingham afternoon sun shining down and the wind cooling the air, the Serra Superheroes headed outside to battle a monster of a robot, the Price Bot. With Serra Honda Girl crouched beside a Civic, held captive in the ray of the Price Bot, the shooting began. The heroes had a few fans in the audience. Some walking by the store and a very young fan inside who was in awe of the Girl's pink outfit. Outdoor filming was hard work but Serra Honda Man powered through and Serra Honda Girl took frequent snack breaks." That's Serra Honda Man for you—saving Birmingham from high prices one snack at a time.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.