‘Sesame Street’ is hooked on ‘Mad Men,’ too

"The bear's dripping with gooey honey. He's smiling. This makes me happy." That sounds like something you'd hear on late-night pay-per-view, but in fact it's a line from this Mad Men parody done by PBS's venerable Sesame Street. This spoof beats the one from Saturday Night Live, if only because it stars muppets, though I'm not convinced John Hamm isn't a puppet of some kind—he's too damn "chiseled" to be human like the rest of us. On Sesame Street, the ad guys are supremely stoked when their boss, Mr. Draper, approves their latest Happy Honeybear campaign, and they shower their leader with sycophantic praise. As always, kids can learn valuable lessons from this program that will serve them well and help them succeed later in life. Via The Live Feed.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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