Simple and Spectacular, This Patiently Crafted Ad Transforms Flowers Into Fireworks

TBWA\Paris creates a message of thanks

A floral designer helped the creatives pair the right plants with the right firework effects. TBWA\Paris
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On paper, the concept is simple: Flowers bloom, set to the booms and crackles of fireworks. But creating such a visual experience in a way that does it justice? That’s no small floral feat.

TBWA\Paris and production house Eddy were up to the task, creating a truly remarkable piece of stop-motion film with “Fireworks,” an ad for French railway company SNCF.

The spot features painstakingly crafted visuals of flowers opening as blooms of fireworks, with each subtle movement of the accelerated blossoms matching the sounds of colorful explosives.

“The key word of this shoot was ‘patience,'” Garance Du Nord, floral designer for the ambitious project, says in the behind-the-scenes video. “We worked with living matter, which takes time. It was a peaceful shoot.”

The ad is a thank-you message from the railway service to its customers, whom the brand applauds for reducing their carbon footprint by using trains rather than automobiles. The service has committed to phasing out diesel by 2035.

If you enjoy the spot, you shouldn’t miss the behind-the-scenes video, which walks you through the intense process of photographing, lighting and compositing the ad:

Agency : TBWA\Paris
Client : SNCF
Advertising Managers : Stéphane Chéry, Agathe Mouly, Marie Nomdedeu
Agency Managers : Marina Zuber, Cécile Moreau, Maurane Pauli, Célia Martinez
Executive Creative Directors : Benjamin Marchal and Faustin Claverie
Creatives : Julia Deshayes and Léna Monceau
Production : EDDY.TV
Film directors : CARAVANE
Head of TV : Maxime Boiron
TV Producer : Elisabeth Boitte
Executive producers : Jean François Bourrel and Gilles Pinaudeau
Production Manager : Antoni Gimel-Lecosse
Studio Stop Motion : Manuel Cam
Postproduction : TBWA\Else
Head of Postproduction : Elise Gamboa
Head of Music and Sound : Olivier Lefevbre
Music and Sound producer : Fanny Mithois

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