Snickers Turned Marcia Brady Into Danny Trejo on ‘Hungerlapse’ Billboard, Too

The ultimate angry paint job

Headshot of Tim Nudd

BBDO New York's "Brady Bunch" Super Bowl campaign for Snickers had a great out-of-home teaser element that not too many people saw—but now you can, as video of it was posted Tuesday to the brand's YouTube page.

The teaser video with Danny Trejo brushing his hair in the mirror rolled out online on Jan. 21. But the billboard campaign began way earlier—back in the first week of the year. By Jan. 9, people were already taking photos of the hand-painted New York City board (originally just showing Marcia Brady) and posting them online, tagged #WhatsUpWithMarcia.



Over a period of a few weeks, the painters at Colossal Media slowly transformed sweet Marcia into surly Danny. Check out that process in the new video here:

The video isn't just a recap of the creative, either. Rather, it kicks off a new U.S. promotion. A spokesperson with Mars Chocolate North America tells us that fans can visit and show the brand (in photos or videos) who they are when they're hungry—for a chance to win cash prizes and a YouTube takeover for a day.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.