Stella Sends Holiday Carolers to Your Doorstep

Jazzy Facebook app

If you're too cheap to buy holiday gifts for friends and family, send virtual carolers to their virtual doors via Stella Artois's Facebook app, which uses Google Street View and other tools to direct British actress Alice Eve and her band of merrymakers. Alice portrays "Holiday Carole." Type in a name, address and message, and off she goes with her trio, passing local landmarks in the recipient's neighborhood en route to their destination. The recipient's personal info appears in newspaper headlines, on TV screens and even in a message written in lipstick on a napkin Alice hands to her chauffeur/bass player. She can roast my chestnuts on an open fire any day. Still, the personalization stuff seems forced and overdone, which, coupled with the gang's department-store-cheery cool-jazz stylings, leaves me feeling a tad cold. Ho ho … sigh … ho.

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