Stella looks at dying art of hand-painted ads

Mother in New York hosted a screening of its short film Up There for Stella Artois at the Grand Hotel on Thursday night. The 13-minute film (embedded after the jump) profiles the waning art of hand-painted advertising while chronicling a 21-day project during which artists from Sky High Murals painted the Belgian beer brand's "pouring ritual" on a 20-by-50-foot wall in SoHo. The documentary short, directed by Mekanism's Malcolm Murray, shows the painters, including retired artist Bob Middleton of Mack Sign Company, talking about the years it takes to perfect their artistry. By the time some of the young guys in the film become masters, there may not be much work left for them. So, take a minute to look up and check out the real thing the next time you pass a painted original. It's advertising's high art. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis

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