Tesco Ambushes Poor Shoppers in a Tricked-Out ‘Spookermarket’ for Halloween

Did that cart just move?

Boy, a lot of creeps work at Tesco these days.

Or so it would seem from BBH London's "Spookermarket" campaign, which includes an amusing 90-second hidden-camera video, shot in one of the British chain's stores.

The aisles are tricked out for Halloween, and unsuspecting patrons are treated to the likes of ghoulish butchers who jump out from behind the counter and ghostly shopping carts that tool around on their own. And check out those severed hands in frozen foods! (Given English cuisine, we're not actually sure those are part of the gag.)

Folks who head for the toilet paper display come face-to-face with the scariest scare of all. Hey, the most useful product will be right there if somebody had an accident.

The thrills are pretty tame, though some shoppers seem genuinely startled. (That might just be sticker shock from Tesco's prices. Hi-yo!)

The video, eclipsing 10 million combined views across Facebook and YouTube in less than a week, prompts users to watch four additional clips, where they can learn how to carve Jack-O'-Lanterns and create other Halloween novelties, including a severed head in a jar. It's all in the spirit of branded seasonal fun, in line with Tesco's customer-focused mantra: "Every little helps."

Besides, we all know there's really nothing to be afraid of at the grocery store—right?


Client: Tesco

Marketing Manager: Claire Hoey

Agency: BBH London

BBH Live Creative Team: Kate Murphy

BBH Live Creative Director: Matt Moreland & Chris Clarke

BBH Live Strategist: Damola Timeyin

BBH Live Strategy Director: Ben Shaw

BBH Live Analytics Lead: Saskia Jones

BBH Business Lead: Holly Ripper

BBH Live Project Lead: Alex Walker-Sage

BBH Live Account Director: Stephen Jones

BBH Live Account Manager: Jemma Marriott

BBH LIve Community Manager: Tom Cauvain

Film Credits:

BBH Producer: Sophie Simmons

Production Company: Black Sheep Studios

Director: David Stoddart

Producer: Anthony Taylor

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