The Biggest Waste of Money Was Super Bowl Gold in This Outrageous Ad for the Ages

Top creatives look back at E*Trade's 'Monkey'

Bigger is always better on Super Bowl Sunday, right?

That’s how some advertisers view it—more budget, more beer, more celebrity endorsements. After all, it is the biggest day in sports. But what if I told you all you needed to make an indelible mark on advertising history is a chimpanzee, two old dudes clapping and “La Cucaracha.”

In this Super Bowl edition of our “Best Ads Ever” series, we look at the wildly popular E*Trade ‘Monkey’ spot, which Goodby Silverstein & Partners made for the 2000 Super Bowl.

It was a simple idea that came to Gerry Graf, now the leader of Barton F. Graf, and fellow acd Dave Grey as they drove back to the office after playing golf all day. The rest is history.

@iamjohntejada John Tejada is a video producer for Adweek.