‘The World’s Most Boring Billboard’ Will Do Nothing for 12 Years, as Proof the Product Works

Sweden's Sioo:x Wood Protection will endure the elements


Not all home improvement projects are sexy enough to post online. Just ask Sioo:x. The wood protection brand guarantees to keep patios and porches silver-gray in color and protected from the elements for 12 years.

Confident in its durability, Sioo:x purchased billboard space for 12 years from Look Media. The billboard, created by agency Stendahls, is located outside a mall in Malmö, Sweden, a city chosen based on its high humidity and penchant for rainy days.

The company used treated wood ripped from the deck of Sioo:x’s own CEO, as you can see in the case study below:

“This is the world’s most boring billboard,” reads one side of the three-sided billboard. “We’re going to leave it here for 12 years, just to show how long our products last.”

Who’s up for a boring vacation in 2030?

Agency: Stendahls
Chief Creative Officer: Martin Cedergren
Copywriter: Mikael Andersson
Art Director: Josefin Thor
Account Director: Jens Flensburg
Production Manager: Anna Lotto
Film Photographer: Jens Dohnberg
Graphic Designer: Samuel Forsström
3-D Artist: Carl Björndal
Motion: Carl Björndal

Amy Corr is a contributor to Adweek.