There’s No White Wine Emoji? Kendall-Jackson Aims to Fix That Oversight

Proposal in the hands of world icon keepers

Wait a minute, where's my white wine emoji? Getty Images

Vino lovers: ever notice when the wine emoji comes up, you only have one option? Either did I, but for years, white wine lovers have lamented the fact that red wine is the only emoji option.

Enter Kendall-Jackson Winery, who submitted a whopping 15-page proposal, created with help from The Engine is Red, to the Unicode Consortium to create a white wine emoji to represent fans of a lighter, sweeter vino.

“For years, Kendall-Jackson consumers and Chardonnay fans have been reaching out to us asking ‘where is the white wine emoji?’” said Maggie Curry, director of marketing for Kendall-Jackson Winery. “This is our chance to do something about it, not just for our fans, but for the global wine community at large.”

Not only are fans guzzling at the chance to help, so are fellow wineries. Two California wineries — Flora Springs and Fetzer — are using the hashtag #whitewineemoji and sending their own proposals to Unicode.

The Unicode Technical Committee (UTC) chose Kendall-Jackson’s proposal for review. UTC members — all 12 of them — will then vote to approve or deny the White Wine Emoji in spring 2019.

“This campaign is an expression the deep love of wine and wine culture that is shared by Kendall-Jackson and the many wineries we’re partnering with,” said Chris Denny, co-founder and president, The Engine is Red. “This is a fun way for them to connect with their tribe, millions of people out there who are craving the white wine emoji.”

As we wait for a decision, can we talk about rosé lovers? There’s a wine mansion dedicated solely to rosé and, of course, the Cannes Lions. Shouldn’t that warrant a rosé emoji option too?

Amy Corr is a contributor to Adweek.
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