These Beer Ads Aren’t Afraid to Celebrate the Stupid Fun Fueled by Beer

Carlton Dry embraces harmless idiocy

When guys get together and have a few drinks, things tend to get a little stupid. That's a fact most alcohol marketers would prefer not to highlight, lest advocating stupid fun might come off sounding like promoting activities that are dangerously stupid.  

Nonetheless, Carlton Dry is, with the help of Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne, Australia, embracing harmless idiocy. A series of vignettes, part of the brand's #HelloBeer campaign, features a group of bored, buzzed friends letting their imaginations run wild. It's good, inane fun, including high notes like a trash-bag-and-vacuum fat suit, an upside-down dance party and our favorite, cooking hot dogs in a dishwasher. We'll need to grab more than just one sixer before we're willing to try that stunt, though. Via The Drum.

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.