These Creatives Turned Brancusi’s Endless Column Into an Endless Scroll on Instagram

Modern art meets the digital age

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Ever heard of Constantin Brancusi’s Endless Column?

The work of art is a single symmetrical piece, composed of truncated pyramids—like a series of bases—that connect to form a continuous line. Brancusi made multiple versions of the work using different elements, but the first, cut directly out of oak, lives at MoMA. Endless Column is among the projects that helped define modern abstract sculpture.

But of course, it wasn’t endless. (Sadly, we just don’t have enough oak.)

In the hope of introducing the work to younger generations, Romanian creatives Alex Eftimie and Mihai Botarel have taken Endless Column and given it a life more suited to its name. Using Instagram, they created @TheEndlessColumn, which—834 posts deep—is probably as close as Brancusi will ever get to Tower of Babel status. It uses Instagram’s grid format to

Eftimie hails from Bucharest and calls himself a multidisciplinary creative and maker. He’s currently based in Hamburg. Botarel is a writer and creative director, as well as co-founder of New York-based RXM Creative.

The pair enlisted a plethora of young Romanian artists to interpret parts of the endless Instagram column in their visual styles, advancing Brancusi’s legacy with a modern twist.

Contributing artists include Ghica Popa, Miruna Macri, Bianca Dumitrascu, Raluca Bararu, Diana Papuc, Lia Bira and Andrei Robu.

The resulting work—each piece gorgeously, uniquely interpreted—also includes video, where you can catch fun little easter eggs like this.

x @dianapapuc

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Or this!

x @dianapapuc

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“We can safely say that Brancusi’s dream of a truly Endless Column is fulfilled in 2017, in the medium that can make it endless and, most importantly, relevant to young generations—social media,” Botarel beams. “Our project is a call to all artists, museums, art galleries to join the project. We intend to bring the project to life in the physical space as well.”

Botarel and Eftimie have committed to continuing the project “endlessly,” and are opening it up to international artists who wish to contribute. And please do! We’re eager to see how long this goes. Below is how it looks on desktop so far.

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