These Funny Retirement Ads Remind You That, Man, You’re Already Old as Hell

Publicis' pensions campaign for UBS

Headshot of Tim Nudd

The older you get, the more pressing is your need to prepare for retirement. And lord, you're getting old in a hurry.

That's the sad-but-funny truth behind this comical UBS campaign from Publicis Switzerland. Subtle and nicely shot, with some pleasantly understated acting, the five spots are relatable in a pathetic sort of way.

They should age well, which is more than we can say for you.


UBS (Client), Publicis Switzerland (Agency), Thomas Wildberger (Chief Creative Officer), Peter Brönnimann (Creative Director), Andreas Hornung, Urs Schrepfer, Thomas Schöb (Copywriting), Christoph Trittibach, Bruce Roberts (Art Direction), Cem van der Schaar (Agency Producer), Wim Roelfs, Tiago Dias, Massimo Giannotta (Digital), Pascal Schaub, Christian Brütsch, Beat Huber (Account Management).

Pumpkin (Production Company), Kasper Wedendahl (Director), Tommy Wildner (DOP), Simon Borch (Editor), Adrian Aurelius (Sound), Sonja Brand, Claudia Brand (Producer).

UBS Switzerland (Client), Dr. Daniel Fischer (Head Marketing), Daniela Ciotto (Head Creative Concepts & Campaigns), Markus Egloff, Manuela Rüegg (Creative Concepts & Campaigns), Daniel Hünebeck (Head Client Dialogue Management), Mirela Jusic (Client Dialogue Management).

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.