These Print Ads Illustrate Clean Water in the Most Brilliantly Impressionistic Way

Lowe's award-winning Pureit work

The Pureit water purifier works so well that it can turn grimy canal water—or a murky rural stream—totally clear. At least, that's what Unilever's latest print campaign seems to say.

In this soft, almost impressionist work by Lowe Indonesia, two ads provide a water's-eye view of rural and urban surroundings. On the "surface" of the water, a tin can—and the business end of a duck—highlight just how clear the water is.

Click the ads to enlarge.

Unilever and Lowe won a well-deserved Grand Prix for Print at the recent Spikes Asia awards for its efforts here. Both ads make smart use of the print medium's advantages: It's clear they're meant to be stared at for a while.

To be fair, though, the surreal level of water transparency in each is a little disturbing. It seems like water that clear would be dangerous; you'd almost have to litter just to keep people from drowning.


Client Pureit

Agency: Lowe Indonesia, Jakarta

Chief Creative Officer: Roy Wisnu

Creative Group Head: Rizky Wisnu

Art Directors: Rizky Wisnu, Vinsensius Seno

Copywriter: Roy Wisnu

Illustrator: Adhe Saelani

Photographer: Clarissa+Peddy Photography

Digital Imaging: Tanda-Seru Detailed Imaging

Producers: Audrey Aristanty, Fien Juharyati

Account Team: Nanda Rahmanu, Eby Karsono David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.