This Air Filter Company’s Stylish Scarf Keeps You From Getting the Flu

Ultramare moves beyond hospitals

Call it hypochondriac chic.

If you’re a fashionista who’s also afraid of getting sick, an air filter company in Sweden has the perfect scarf for you.

Trollhättan-based manufacturer Ultramare’s business includes selling filters to hospitals to help prevent the spread of germs. With Gothenburg-based agency Milk, it invented a special neck-warming garment lined with those same filters, and released them to coincide with the height of flu season in February.

The idea: Wrap it over your mouth to protect yourself from airborne viruses.

The simple black scarves make for a classic look, certainly more appealing in form than the surgical masks that people commonly wear in public in Japan and other East Asian countries.

The added function of a virus filter might seem appealing, even to those not abnormally concerned about getting sick. The idea itself is plenty endearing, and speaks to the client’s industrial products in an accessible way.

How effective it actually would be at saving people from microbes isn’t entirely clear. Then again, it doesn’t have to be, because thankfully, this is advertising and not science.

Client: Ultramare
Agency: Milk, Gothnburg, Sweden
Art Director: Kristofer Salsborn
Copywriter: Anders Malm
Photographer: Dino Soldin

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