This Tiny Soap Dissolves After Exactly 30 Seconds of Hand Washing

Lush United Arab Emirates distributed 16,000 of them in a partnership with Deliveroo

Lush branded soaps
Campaign aims to give consumers a real time demonstration of proper hand washing - Credit by ‿ and us / Lush
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Never before have people spent so much time washing their hands. Yet, according to research cited by cosmetics brand Lush, people still fail to wash their hands effectively 97% of the time–leaving them unknowingly at risk of infection.

In a timely campaign by agency ‿ and us, Lush United Arab Emirates partnered with Deliveroo to deliver thousands of tiny “self timing” soaps for free to consumers in Dubai. They are also available for order via a dedicated website.

The mini soaps dissolve after 30 seconds of vigorous use–the amount of time you should be washing your hands to eliminate viruses and bacteria–which is roughly six times longer than most people take.

Lush said the soaps provide users with a “practical, educational demonstration of proper hand washing timings to keep both themselves and others safe.”

Fadi Yaish, founder and chief creative officer of ‿ and us, added in a statement: “We’ve all heard how you’re supposed to wash your hands for at least 30 seconds, but in practice that’s a lot more difficult to do than it sounds.

Lush and Deliveroo distributed thousands of the soaps, for free, across Dubai

“Most people just assume that means they need to wash their hands for a little longer than usual, but ‘usual’ for most people generally means 5 seconds or less,” he added. “With the 30-Second Soap, Lush and Deliveroo give their customers a one-off demonstration of how long 30 seconds actually feels like in practice, hopefully influencing their hand cleansing rituals in the future.”

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