This Remarkable Bus-Wrap Ad Brings the Syrian War to the Streets of Copenhagen

Amnesty emphasizes refugees' right to security from war

Headshot of Tim Nudd

A year after Donald Trump’s googly eyes stared out madly from the wheels of a bus in Copenhagen, the Danish city has welcomed another innovative politically themed bus ad, this time from Amnesty International.

The wrap makes a city bus look like a tank prowling the streets. “This is everyday life in Aleppo,” says the headline on the side, referring to the Syrian city devastated by the country’s civil war. The ad was designed by agency Robert/Boisen & Like-minded.

The bus is driving Route 26, which goes through Copenhagen’s city center, for 30 days. The idea is to remind people that while the Islamic State has left Aleppo, the Syrian war continues. The ad is also designed to raise awareness of refugees’ right to security from war and persecution.

“Everyone has the right to safety—also refugees,” says Claus Juul, legal consultant for Amnesty International. “It can be difficult to imagine what it is like to be human in a city, where one daily fears for one’s own and loved ones lives. Therefore, we have brought the everyday life of Aleppo to Copenhagen’s summer cityscape, so we, Danes, have the opportunity to face Syria’s brutal conflict.”

Agency: Robert/Boisen & Like-minded
Client: Amnesty International
Account Director: Therese Vilstrup
Strategic Director: Søren Christensen
Creative Director: Heinrich Vejlgaard
Art Director: Niklas Hultquist
Art Director: Frederik Voetmann
Media partner: Outofhomedia

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.