Timberland workboots out to kick major ass

Timberland Pro workboots get biz-ay in Mullen's "Stay on your feet" campaign, an effort designed not just to sell shoes but to help blue-collar workers find employment by providing job listings and such. The Web site has a "Test the Boot" section, where the steel-toed shoes are shown lifting weights, juggling tires, withstanding electric shocks and so on. They seem indefatigable, so maybe employers should just hire the boots and forget about the folks wearing them. (They'd save on benefits, though I suppose tongues would wag.) Workers made redundant by their own Timberlands will still be better off than the guy who gets chased by the wildlife in the brand's other recent campaign, by Leagas Delaney. Maybe they could apply to be forest rangers, preferably armed with rifles to control the marauding animal populations, lest they overrun our great cities.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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