Traffic Cop Shockingly Lifts NYC Taxi, but It’s the Ad Up Top That’s the Giveaway

Thinkmodo has a heart in latest prank

Headshot of Tim Nudd

It turns out Thinkmodo can thrill people, not just scare them.

The viral marketing agency, best known for its frighteningly good Carrie and Devil's Due prank videos, takes a refreshingly different approach with its latest video. It shows a petite traffic cop in New York City arguing with a cab driver—and then, in an apparent act of savage anger, lifting his vehicle clear off the ground.

It is, of course, a prank—though plenty of people in the vicinity were gobsmacked by the chain of events. And turns it out the advertiser, car-selling app, is visible throughout the video—on the ad atop the taxi itself.

Mashable has more on the making of the video.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.