Trapped humans forced to sell Kit Kat bars

Kit Kat has dropped a few human vending machines into London's Victoria Station as part of its new U.K. campaign. The human vending machine isn't new—the Japanese, always first in all things vending machine, have employed them. But this execution really fits nicely with Kit Kat's "Working like a machine?" campaign. The TV spots, "Checkout" (posted below) and "Arrivals," show people literally working like machines and then getting (you guessed it) a much-needed break. The effort is apparently part of Nestlé Confectionery's biggest U.K. ad campaign ever, with a total spend of £21 million. For that money, I hope they at least get three TV spots. While I have nothing bad to say about the concept (rock it, JWT London!), let me beat up on the press release for a second. It raves that the human vending machines give consumers "the added bonus of having a person to chat to [who will] physically hand them their chocolate treat." You mean, just like a regular vendor? No, the joyful novelty here is just seeing someone trapped inside a box full of chocolate. Photo: techfever on Flickr.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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