Travelers ad by Fallon drifts in meaningfully

The unexplained airborne event has been popular in commercials ever since Sony Bravia's "Balls" spot, created by Fallon London in 2005. The new Travelers ad above, by Fallon Minneapolis, directed by Frank Budgen, continues the tradition, with a swarm of little umbrellas floating in on the breeze, captivating the humans and settling like rose petals on things you'd insure, like your car, your house, etc. It's nicely shot, but the formula is getting a bit irritating. Grand, nonsensical visual + quirky acoustic tune ("Worries" by Langhorne Slim) + lots of slow motion = atmosphere of wonder, where people get enraptured by things like an influx of corporate logos. It probably looks great in HD, but it pales in comparison to Fallon's Katamari-inspired Travelers spot from 2006 (below), which also has brilliant visuals but a more compelling, less cloying message and technique.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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