Trussardi Designed These Fashionable Cans and Bottles for Coca-Cola’s 100th Birthday

A summer of cool

It's been a full century since Coca-Cola approved the Root Glass Company's contour bottle design that would become the soft drink brand's trademark. So, to pat themselves on the back, Coke is teaming up with Italian fashion house Trussardi for a limited-edition collection of stylish aluminum cans and glass bottles.

I hadn't heard of Trussardi before this, mostly because I don't have $927 to throw at a leather jacket. But they're a pretty big deal as far as high-end fashion goes, and have Lady Gaga and Katie Holmes wearing their clothes and designer bags and stuff.

The Trussardi cans will officially be introduced to the world at Expo Milan 2015. Maybe soda bottles aren't the best case to show off haute couture aesthetics, though, because these designs aren't any more impressive than the specialty street art/graffiti-inspired stuff Coke has put out in the past.

Maybe if they'd used their Hawaiian shirt pants as inspiration, I'd be more impressed.

Via Design Taxi. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.