Twitch Users Have Come Together to Accomplish Many Odd Things. Now They’ll Make a Whopper

Burger King Chile will let the crowd upvote ingredients

An influential Twitch streamer in Chile will work with his audience (and a robot arm) to build a crowdsourced Whopper. Wolf BCPP
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First, more than a million Twitch users banded together to play the longest, most infuriatingly chaotic game of Pokemon ever. By leaving comments that were converted into commands for the game, the stream viewers pulled the character in countless directions before finally, 255 hours later, completing the game.

That 2014 phenomenon of crowdsourced interaction sparked a popular new subculture on Twitch that continues to this day, with stream viewers working together to finish any number of video games.

Now a brand is getting on board. And, surprise surprise, it’s Burger King.

The chain’s Chilean operation is partnering with an influential local Twitch streamer called Dylantero to crowdsource a new Whopper design in the vein of “Twitch Plays Pokemon.” This Friday, in celebration of Internet Day (observed primarily in South American countries), Dylantero will host “Twitch Cooks a Whopper” on the Burger King Chile Twitch account.

“We want everyone who uses Twitch to take their imagination to the max, no matter the outcome,” says Soledad Fantuzzi, Burger King Chile’s marketing manager. “Because even if ‘Twitch Cooks a Whopper’ turns out the weirdest result, we still want Chile to turn into the first country to bring a virtual burger to life thanks to the people on Internet.”

The project, created by Santiago-based agency Wolf BCPP, kicks off at 9 p.m. Eastern on Friday. The brand estimates 1.5 million Chileans use Twitch, which could result in a decent turnout for the chain’s experiment.

The ingredient options for users to pick from will be a Whopper beef patty, chicken patty, avocado, tomato, mayo, lettuce, onion, onion rings, pickles, bacon, cheese, ketchup and BBQ sauce. Burger King Chile says it will sell the resulting creation in select locations as the Twitch Whopper.


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