U.K. bookie’s ads asking for your blind faith

Ads from U.K. bookmaker Paddy Power are usually mildly amusing in a stupid way, and this "blind soccer match" with all the players wearing sleep masks is no exception. It touts "money-back specials." Hey, no way you'll lose the rent or the kid's college fund betting with Paddy Power. When England is booted from the World Cup, you'll get your cash back! Right, Paddy Power? The spot avoids specifics. (Odd, that.) At one point, a footballer kicks a cat clear off the field. Unfortunately, it survives. Its name is Tiddles—which, as Britcom fans may recall, was also the name of Mrs. Slocombe's beloved "pussy" on Are You Being Served. She once quipped, "It wins a prize every time I show it." As for this commercial doing likewise, well, I wouldn't bet on that.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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