tries SportsCenter-lite office ads has put together a less-funny version of the ESPN SportsCenter ads, with a new campaign that shows Sin City entertainers working at the hospitality Web site's offices. According to the press release: "There were no formal scripts or makeup … just Vegas celebrities interacting with the real Vegas expert employees at" The clips are being posted at over the next four weeks, and feature everyone from Marie Osmond to the employees of the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino (below) to Carrot Top (above), who could have used both a formal script and some makeup. (At least we now see why he bulked up. He has to carry that giant backpack around.) Viewers can vote for their favorite clips, and the four top vote-getters will be used as the basis for a TV campaign. Hopefully the killer chinchillas from the current Las Vegas ad campaign will show up and whip the less-popular celebs into shape.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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