Verizon’s Outdoor Campaign Focuses on the End of One-Size-Fits-All Family Plans

The 360 campaign includes TV, digital and social as well

Verizon introduces a new way to think about unlimited family plans. - Credit by Verizon
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The idea of one size fitting everyone should definitely not apply to a lot of things. Scarves and handbags, sure. But clothes, shoes and most other things? Probably not. Verizon is using its latest marketing campaign to highlight another instance when one size fits all should not be a thing: unlimited wireless plans for your family.

The brand announced today that it’s putting an end to its one-size-fits-all family plan in favor of unlimited plans that fit all kinds of families with different needs. One person uses a ton of data to stream Netflix while another is traveling out of the country all the time? Great. There’s now a better plan to fit that family’s needs. To celebrate the news, Verizon is rolling out a new 360-degree campaign including a new spot, “Huge News,” with spokesman (and Silicon Valley star) Thomas Middleditch.

“It’s big news for us. We think it’ll be big news for the industry. The commercial reflects that in a bit of a tongue and cheek way with an even more oversized three-dimensional logo in the environment,” Andrew McKechnie, Verizon chief creative officer, said. “I think [Middleditch] has a great, approachable personality and he’s able to deliver information, that is sometimes hard to digest, in a very easy, comfortable way for our customer to understand.”

Verizon worked with McCann NY to create a series of spots for the push, including the 60-second cut above. The brand is also rolling out some 15-second and 30-second spots.

There will also be a series of clever out of home ads running as well, in keeping with the one size does not fit all theme. Most iterations of the outdoor campaign show the phrase “One size does not fit all,” typed out in large font. The size of the type is so large that it doesn’t all fit within the given space.

“We wanted to really provoke the audience and actually I think a lot of people don’t realize the way in which they are being conditioned to actually use their devices or their plans, and it’s like we wanted to really put a statement out there that reminds people that this is also an offering that you shouldn’t think of as one size fits all and that potentially it’s a time for a change,” McKechnie added.

Take a look at some of the outdoor work below.

Agency McCann NY
Global Executive Creative Director, NY Pierre Lipton
Co-Chief Creative Officer, NY Sean Bryan
Co-Chief Creative Officer, NY Tom Murphy
Executive Creative Director Cam Hoelter
Executive Creative Director Mike Smith
Creative Director Mike Howard
Creative Director Brad Soulas
Creative Director Kristine Salm
Chief Production Officer Nathy Aviram
Executive Producer John McAdorey
Senior Producer Erin Jackson
Junior Producer Allison Raich
Project Manager Bristol Parish
SVP, Director of Business Affairs Wilmien Blake
Business Manager Debbie Gleason
EVP Executive Account Director Dominic Whittles
Executive Account Director Alex Caredes
VP Account Director Michael Page
Account Supervisor Chris Morisseau
Account Executive Sarah Sasson
Assistant Account Executive Simran Devidasani

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