Vodafone recommends stalking Eva Mendes

The nerdy narrative thrust of this 60-second Vodafone spot from Argentina by ad agency Santo is impressive, as is the payoff, which rings so true. What would any of us say to celebrities if we got them on the phone? I'd tell Derek Jeter he's a god (go Yanks!) and advise Bono to lose the sunglasses and accent (it's an obvious fake). I'd warn Jay, Dave and Conan to stop stealing my best AdFreak material and hit them up for jobs. As for Eva Mendes, well, I'd congratulate her on her most recent film, praise her performance, tell her she's the hottest actress around and close with, "It was a pleasure speaking to you, Ms. Longoria." Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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