Want to Buy a Confederate Flag but Not Look Racist? This Seller Has a Solution

A.J. Hall's unique business model

Want to purchase a Confederate flag, but worried you'll look like a racist?

A.J. Hall will sell you one. And you'll be in the clear. Why? Because he's a "real-life black man." And if you buy your Confederate flag from a black man—for $150 a pop, hand-folded, with a signed photo of A.J.—clearly your purchase is about heritage and not hate.


"If the Confederate flag was a symbol of racism, could you buy one from a black guy? Hell no," Hall exclaims in the ad below, quelling any doubts the casual flag-peruser may have.

Of course, Hall is aware some people may want to stop him—a black man!—from making an honest living, but he waves them off with a checkmate: "Who's the real racist?"

So, head over to www.buyconfederateflagsfromablackguy.com and prove once and for all that, for you, it's about heritage. Unless it actually is about hate—in which case, go back to buying your flags from China.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.