Want 1 Million Skittles Delivered to Your House? Of Course You Do

One catch: You have to be Canadian

Canadians, you better be in a video-sharing frenzy today, because it's your last chance to be crowned a new Skittles Millionaire. The end of the day will mark the end of BBDO Toronto's crazy Get Skittles Rich promotion, in which one lucky Canadian consumer will have a million Skittles delivered directly to his or her house. That's 94 bulk cases, or a whopping 5,500 bags of rainbow wonder pills.

The campaign was designed as a pyramid-marketing scheme with a fictional spokesman named Danny Falcon. Participants had to sign in to the microsite and share Falcon's video, earning virtual Skittles for every pass around.

Falcon explains how Skittles flow up the sharing pyramid to make you Skittles rich. Then, he lounges in his own Skittles-filled pool as his associates liberally toss Skittles at each other in a dorky bacchanalia of sugar-fueled pleasure. It's enough to make you want your own pneumatic tube transport device filled with colorful deliciousness. According to the giveaway rules, the winner will be drawn on Dec. 10.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.
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