Watch Real Moms Celebrate ‘Unplugging’ in This Cheeky Breast Pump Video

A musical number from Mother London

A cause to celebrate ... with cows? Elvie / Mother London
Headshot of Minda Smiley

Breast pumping is often a cumbersome task for women, particularly since many pumps on the market are contraptions complete with tubes and cords that require elaborate (not to mention time-consuming) setups and private spaces.

In recent years, a few tech companies have tried to remedy this the advent of wearable breast pumps that essentially let moms get on with their days while they collect milk. The latest one is from Elvie, a company known for its pelvic floor trainer that helps women with things like postnatal recovery and bladder control.

Elvie is billing its wearable breast pump, which is currently available in the U.K., as a silent and hands-free product that can be worn inside a standard nursing bra—and the company is promoting its new pump via a cheeky music video created (ironically) by Mother London that features real moms bemoaning the fact that breast pumping often makes them feel like cows.

Rather than focus on the pump’s technology and benefits, the video, which features some blissfully unaware cows, instead serves up a lighthearted and empowering message around how women who pump deserve better.

“Why should I be stuck using big old wires and tubes? In case you hadn’t noticed, these are not udders, they’re my boobs,” proclaims the song before breaking out into a “pump it out” chorus. In the video, each of the four moms who star in it sport the pump while dancing along to lyrics like “forget the milkman, I’m the mother dairy queen.”

The film will live online and through the brand’s social channels in the U.K. and U.S.


Creative, Strategy, Music Lyrics and Production: Mother London
Director: Fiona Jane Burgess
Music: Wonderkid Sound

@Minda_Smiley Minda Smiley is an agencies reporter at Adweek.