Watch Two Heartbreaking Perspectives of Cyberbullying by Flipping Your Phone

A powerful reminder to watch for the signs

An Argentinian project seeks to stem the tide of cyberbullying. - Credit by Movistar

Being a teenager is tough. For any victim of bullying, social media adds fuel to the fire. Wunderman Buenos Aires created a cyberbullying campaign for the Argentina-based telecommunications company, Movistar.

What sets this campaign apart from other cyberbullying ads is how it’s told: in two parallel timelines where the viewer can select which version to watch by turning their phone.

Think of it as a choose your own adventure where the viewer has to decide which option is the lesser of two evils. “Perspectives” follows a teenage boy on the same day, either at home or school. Users can twist their phone while the ad plays to move between each time frame. And between each perspective, the campaign uses gyroscope to connect to the video player, so content can change whenever the phone is rotated.

Below, you can see how it works in the combined clip that alternates scene-by-scene. Additionally, to try it on your own phone, click here.

In one scenario, the teen boy steps off the bus at school, only to be greeted by a cruel social media post. It just gets worse inside. He’s tripped, his backpack is defaced, he’s beaten up in the bathroom, throws up, and when he emerges, the bullies are filming.

The second perspective is the teen arriving home. He has no appetite, is distant, remains silent at dinner, is physically sick again and wipes away tears when his young sister sees him crying in the bathroom.

Both versions conclude with the teen smashing his cell phone and emotionally breaking down. Through a broken phone screen, the teen receives a text from a friend asking how he’s doing. Using the #elegicuidarte (chose to take care) tagline, the campaign urges adults to notice the signs of cyberbullying and for teens to ask for help.

The project a powerful reminder of how bullying, no matter the form, can have severe consequences yet can be prevented and addressed with the right intervention.


Creative Agency: Wunderman Buenos Aires
Copywriter: Nicolas Demichelle (Social)
Art Director: Francisco Cerrutti (Social)
Executive Creative Directors: Sebastián Tarazaga / Dany Minaker
Account Executive: Paula Torres
Project Manager: Bárbara Laffue
Digital: Leonardo Arnelli,Valeria Diaz, Marcos Bazterrica
Developer: Javier Corra
Client Service Director: Fabiana Antonelli / Belen Yusso
Creative Directors: Matias Martty / Juan Calvo
Account Director: Maria Jazhal

Production Company: Ladoblea S.A.
Director: Martin Donozo
D.O.P.: Daniel Ortega
Producer: Marco Pilosio
Executive Producers: Jose Arnal / Adrian Aspani
Editor: Sebastian Mega

Post-Production Coordinator: Luis Staffolani

Music Company: Italians Do It Better

Sound Company: Porta Estudio

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Amy Corr is a contributor to Adweek.
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