The Week on AdFreak, April 25-29, 2011

Anti-drug ads, Aflac's new quack, clever outdoor work and more

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Out-of-home advertising was hot this week, just as springtime got in full swing. We also got a new Aflac duck, a possibly gay military spot from Budweiser and a remarkably sexist poster from Dos Equis. Check out all the AdFreak highlights from the week below.

  1. Classic anti-drug ads

    Rebecca Cullers put together a great collection of anti-drug ads that might have had the opposite effect on the target market than they intended. Lots of great '80s stuff in here. Just say whoa! 10 Anti-Drug Ads That Make You Want to Take Drugs

  2. Aflac's new quack

    It doesn't look like a duck, but it quacks like a duck. After a monthlong search, Aflac found its new feathered mascot—36-year-old Dan McKeague of Hugo, Minn. Yes, his quack is nearly as annoying as Gilbert Gottfried's. Meet the New Voice of the Aflac Duck

  3. Budweiser: Don't ask, don't tell

    A TV spot featuring a gay U.S. soldier from Bud, that prototypical Americana marketer? Maybe, maybe not. You be the judge. Is This Budweiser Ad Gay?

  4. Clever new outdoor ads

    A street ad from Holland for a local aquarium appears on the sidewalk only when it rains. "Sea Life never lets you go" it reads. Aquarium's Sidewalk Ad Visible Only When It Rains

    TBWA\Chiat\Day smoked out the New York Auto Show with a Nissan Leaf billboard that spewed acrid (though actually not) exhaust into the air. Copy: "The auto show has over 1,000 of these. But only one 100 percent electric, zero-tailpipe Nissan Leaf." Nissan Leaf Billboard Smokes Out New York Auto Show

    Immersive Labs showed off its billboards that use facial-recognition software to determine the age and gender of people looking at them. Keep your privacy concerns to yourself. Billboards Starting to Learn Who You Are

    Serve Marketing flipped billboard images in Wisconsin to make the point that life is turned upside down for foster childen. The ads will be flipped back over on Monday, with copy added that reads, "Turn a life around." Foster-Care Billboards See Lives Turned Upside Down

  1. Print ads that really speak to you

    QR codes got dictators talking in a set of print ads from Reporters Without Borders. You scan the code, then put your phone over the leader's mouth. The mouth starts talking—but it's a journalist discussing media censorship. Copy: "Because there are mouths that will never speak the truth." Print Campaigns That Really Speak to You

  2. Carl's Jr. loves burgers (and babes)

    "We believe in putting hot models in our commercials. Because ugly ones don't sell burgers." Honesty. It's Carl's Jr.'s new policy. Carl's Jr. Crafts an Ode to Burgers (and Hot Models)

  3. Dos Equis hunts women

    "Approach women like you do wild animals. With caution and a soothing voice." Did the most interesting man in the world approve that kind of copy? Dos Equis Ad Offers Advice for Hunting Wild Females

  4. Sterling Cooper logo remixed

    Frederik Samuel and friends reworked the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce logo in the style of various actual modern-day agency logos. Actually goes to show how boring some of them are. Sterling Cooper Logo Designed in Style of Real Agency Logos

  5. Tillamook's cheese porn

    Who wants to make sweet, sweet love to Tillamook cheese? Lots of different kinds of foods do. How about you? Tillamook Wants You to Have Sex With Its Cheese

  6. The nerdiest anniversary gift ever

    Sean Ohlenkamp, an art director at Lowe Roche in Toronto, did a little something for his wife on the Mac. Check it out. Nerdy as hell, and really quite great.  Art Director Makes Wife Nerdiest Yet Coolest Gift Ever

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