What’s That Sound? IKEA Shoppers Double Take in This Wookiee-Themed “Solo” Tie-In

In a showroom far away...

- Credit by Ikea

Maybe it’s bring your Wookiee to work day at Ikea.

In this Solo: A Star Wars Story tie-in, German shop Thjnk takes us into one of the furniture chain’s showrooms to “discover a galaxy full of ideas.”

Strange but familiar yowling fills the aisles — Rrrrrrr-ghghghghgh!!

Hey, that’s not a malfunctioning Sonos speaker in the home electronics aisle.

And those sure aren’t little cat feet roaming around the store.

Sure, Ikea already stocks lots of cool stuff, but that sheepskin chair cover looks like something from the dark side.

Stocking some big walking carpets would surely boost sales into a whole new dimension.

Just keep Chewy far far away from the Billy Bookcases. Dude would get so frustrated trying to assemble one of those suckers, he’d pound it into kindling.

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