Whiskas Takes You to Kitten Kollege in This Adorable Online Campaign

Because there's so much to learn

London agency AMV BBDO has partnered with Google, Mediacom and College Humor on "Kitten Kollege," a digital campaign for Whiskas U.K. that references college promotional videos and, to a degree, the tone of Friskies' famous "Dear Kitten" spots.

The first two videos are somewhat rudderless introductions to the Kitten Kollege concept, which is like Hamburger University for cats, but the later efforts have some more oomph to them. The neutering and litter training videos, shot as lectures delivered to classrooms full of cats, drop some legit knowledge on the viewer, and they both have a loose, Open University vibe that helps their presentation a lot.

It sounds like the collaboration wasn't without its challenges. Good for them, then, that they still managed to have some fun with it. The YouTube counts have a long way to go to rival the "Dear Kitten" stuff, though.

Also, let the record show that "differently engaged" is the best euphemism for laziness that I've ever heard. Lots more videos below.

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