Wholesome Hasselbecks do a ‘Got milk?’ ad

"Got milk?" ads have gotten increasingly family-oriented lately, as evidenced by the Why Milk Web site, which shows off how good milk is for growing children and their parents. There's even a celebrity section, to which Tim and Elizabeth Hasselbeck are a recent addition. Elizabeth debuted the couple's joint ad in New York this week (full image here), and as usual, did all the talking. Given her track record on The View, that's not always the best idea, but she managed to limit herself to milk puns and talking about her kids. The Hasselbecks are a good fit for this campaign, in that their whole public image is based around being a family. They even have a book in the works offering advice to young couples, so they've pretty much got the wholesomeness thing down. Provided they don't go all Duggars on us and leave the milk people holding the bag, as it were.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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