Why is Cindy Chandler pitching HughesNet?

As a rabid fan of the great sci-fi series Lost—my fiancée got me the six-season boxset for Chrismukkah—I still often think about that great finale. After the Smoke Monster wreaked havoc on the Temple, what became of the dwellers who sided with Smokey? Did they move on to a better place? Flash back (or forward?) to the other night, and I was flipping through my thousand DirecTV channels when I stumbled upon the commercial below for the HughesNet—a satellite-based high-speed Internet service. Innovative, I thought. The pitchlady seemed oddly familiar. Then it dawned on me who she was—former Oceanic 815 flight attendant Cindy Chandler, who, last we saw, had sided with everybody’s favorite black column of smoke (who was in the form of John Locke). Given that HughesNet deals with satellites, the Internet and former Oceanic employees, this can only be an elaborate conspiracy to get HughesNet customers to go to the island. I guess there is life after Lost—at least for some.

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