Wieden + Kennedy Made Another Wild Music Video for Portugal. The Man

Aaron Brown directs 'Live in the Moment'

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Creating a music video is a dream job for any ad agency. Yes, you’re selling a consumer product of sorts, but the framework is way more art than advertising—and you don’t have to shove a product in anyone’s face.

Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Ore., has had the good fortune of making music videos lately for a local band that’s suddenly made it big—Portugal. The Man.

W+K started with “Rich Friends,” and then created the “politically charged yet epic, sync-friendly video” for PTM’s global hit “Feel It Still.” Today, W+K’s third music video for PTM drops, for the new single “Live in the Moment,” and it’s got it own peculiar charms, particularly for those who like cars, skateboards, rebellion and oversized puppets.

The piece speaks for itself. But W+K creative director Erik Fahrenkopf offers a fairly epic quote in the press release:

The guys from Portugal. The Man asked us to create a music video for their single “Live in the Moment.” We said, “Yes!” Then we said, “Hold on, when’s it due?” And they were like, “I don’t know; you should talk to our manager, Rich.” And Rich said, “Real soon.” We said, “What if we worked with Lance Woolen* to build a 10-foot puppet and had him ride around on a Cadillac like it was a skateboard, and then he gets chased by a 10-foot cop on top of a giant Segway?” Rich said, “I don’t know, lemme ask the band.” They said, “That sounds pretty stupid. Can we shoot it next Thursday?” We said, “How about Wednesday?” And they said, “Wednesday’s actually better.” And we said, “Let’s shoot in Portland, with a local crew. Even the stuntman.” And they said, “Stuntman?” And we said, “Yeah, we’re gonna kickflip a Cadillac.” And they said, “If we don’t total the Cadillac, can we have it?” And we said, “Of course.”

W+K clarifies that it totaled the Cadillac. And the backup Cadillac.

See the agency’s previous two PTM videos below.

“Live in the Moment” – Portugal. The Man

Client: Portugal. The Man
Band Members John Gourley, Zachary Carothers, Kyle O’Quin, Jason Sechrist, Zoe Manville, Eric Howk
Label Atlantic Records
Band Manager Rich Holtzman

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.
Creative Directors Jason Kreher, Max Stinson, Erik Fahrenkopf

Integrated Production
Broadcast Producer Robert Saxon, Julie Gursha
Directors of Production Mike Davidson, Matt Hunnicutt
Business Affairs Brian Cook, Amber Lavender
Traffic Manager Tim Bell
Creative Manager Emily Norman

W+K Studios
Animators Alex Bernard, Adam Sirkin, Oliver Rokoff, Daniel Ortiz
Motion Producer Saira Weigel

Company W+K Productions
Director Aaron Brown
Line Producer Rachel Gardell
Director of Photography Bobby Bukowski
Puppet Fabrication Lance Woolen

Company Joint
Editor Eric Hill
Assistant Editor Kevin Alfoldy
Post Producer Catherine Liu, Jen Milano
Post Executive Producer Leslie Carthy

Company Joint
Colorist David Jahns
Visual Effects Leif Peterson, Stefan “Pilon” Lectez, Robert Murdock, Noah Poole
Producer Annie Rosick
VFX Executive Producer Alex Thiesen

Mix + Sound Design
Company Joint
Audio Mixer Noah Woodburn
Assistant Audio Mixer Natalie Huizenga
Song (if applicable) “Live in the Moment”
Music + Sound Design Executive Producer Leslie Carthy, Alex Thiesen

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.