Will Oldham fights robot in Dogfish Head ad

Here's a long, weird and pretty funny commercial for Dogfish Head beer starring indie songwriter Will Oldham as a reporter who is taken on a brewery tour by a robot, played by Dogfish founder Sam Calagione. Robots have killed the humans, taken over the brewery, digitized the operation using lots of old Gameboys and "reduced our diverse and colorful American craft brewing landscape to a monochromatic world of a single commoditized generic beer." As Dogfish points out on the website, "This story almost came to life here in the U.S. during the 1970s until small, independent craft breweries, like Dogfish Head and so many others, revitalized the domestic beer scene." If you're going to watch a 10-minute beer ad today, this should be the one. Via The Awl.

—Posted by Tim Nudd