Will Taco Bell’s Big Super Bowl Reveal Be the Cheese-Engorged Quesalupa?

Like a chalupa, but cheesier

Headshot of Kristina Monllos

Taco Bell says it has a huge new product to announce in its Super Bowl ad, but the surprise might already be out of the bag.

Earlier this month the brand released a redacted press release for its upcoming Super Bowl commercial, revealing that it would have a 30-second spot in the first quarter of the game on Feb. 7. And it noted that, within that ad, it plans to release one of its "biggest product launches to date." 

Today Consumerist speculates that the mystery menu item is something called a Quesalupa. Apparently said Quesalupa, which Taco Bell has been testing in some cities, is like a chalupa but with a cheese-filled shell. So more cheese. Cool. 

For now, Taco Bell isn't spilling the beans.

"We unfortunately can't confirm nor deny the speculation," said a spokeswoman for the brand. "But we're excited for the big reveal that will take place during Super Bowl." 

It makes sense that Taco Bell doesn't want to spoil its plans before the Big Game, especially since its whole marketing strategy is about building mystery around the new menu item. 

But we're putting bets in now. It'll be the Quesalupa.

Here's the tweet that tipped off Consumerist:

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