Wimpy family is super talented with glasses

Here's a spot for South African burger chain Wimpy's from ad agency Metropolitan Republic. The "Skoltimaier Seven" play "Funky Town" on collectible cola glasses while wearing skin-tight, shiny costumes. Some of the costumes have capes. Others have puffy shoulder pads. The family looks like a chubby, white, multi-generational version of Earth Wind & Fire. A dog leaps and barks. Somebody does the robot. There's a random cut to the front lawn. A small fan sits on a table, just in case their jamming gets too intense. The bespectacled girl's winky head-slide steals the show. Brilliant. You'll hit replay repeatedly. What is this advertising again? Who cares. I'm making it my ringtone! See a brief, mockumentary-ish behind-the-scenes video after the jump. Via The Inspiration Room.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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