Winning an ADC Cube Is Rarer Than Having Quadruplets or a Third Nipple, Say These Ads

BBDO's amusing call for entries

Living to 110 years old, getting knighted by the Queen, becoming the Pope. They're all more common than winning the top honor—a Black Cube—at the Art Directors Club awards.

A new call-for-entries campaign for the annual show focuses on the rarity of winning its prizes, illustrating that fewer people have taken home gold trophies than have climbed Mount Everest.

Created by BBDO New York, the ads include artwork from winners of ADC's Young Guns competition. The cheeky executions also compare the likelihood of winning any accolade from the ADC show to having quadruplets, a third nipple or getting killed by an elephant.

See the ads below.

It's a cheeky, attention-grabbing way to try to drum up more submissions, and distinguish the ADC's hardware from the slew of other advertising awards—even if the comparisons probably wouldn't hold up to heavy scrutiny. (Any ad person in their right mind would still choose a knighting over another piece of metal.)

Climbing Mount Everest seems like too much work, though. As does having quadruplets.

Entries are now open for the ADC's 95th Annual Awards. The coveted Cubes will be presented at the annual awards gala in New York next June.

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