For Winsor, crowdsourcing is a family affair

You have to hand it to John Winsor, former Crispin exec and founder of Victors & Spoils. He really walks the walk when it comes to his belief in the power of crowdsourcing. His 8-year-old son Harry recently started doodling airplanes, and decided to send a rather crude design of a firefighting plane to Boeing—which responded with some legalese that it doesn't accept unsolicited ideas. Winsor the Elder quickly took the issue to his blog, where it was seized on as a potential conference case study by the Twittering class. It turns out the story has a happy ending: Boeing has nothing against children sending in plane drawings, and it has adjusting its policies for handling them. And little Harry got his dad's fledgling shop a New York Times writeup. Now, I'll be worried if Boeing does start using kiddie designs for planes.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey