Would You Help a Freezing, Abandoned Baby? This Ad Stunt Isn’t So Sure

Counterpoint to earlier bus-stop video

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Humans are so empathetic and caring. No, wait, they're selfish and horrible!

Advertising stunts can't seem to decide. Six weeks ago, we were impressed by several humans who helped a smaller human get warm at a bus stop in Norway as part of a charity stunt. Now, though, we get a grimmer glimpse of human nature through another charity video, this one from Russia.

This charity, which helps orphans, left a baby carriage seemingly abandoned in a public place, and rigged it up to play sounds of a baby crying. Did people come running to assist? Not exactly.

The ambivalence is pretty surprising and awful, and makes for a downer of a video. (You'd think this would depress its shareability and effectiveness as an awareness tool, although the case study claims the campaign drove results. But of course, it's a case study video, so take it with a grain of salt.)

As for why people didn't help the poor fake baby, a few possible theories: Maybe they saw the NYC "Devil Baby" video and didn't want to get screamed at and barfed on. Maybe it's easier to help a freezing child who's right in front on you than a disembodied voice in a stroller. Maybe Russians, unlike Norwegians, just don't give a damn if you're freezing.

Or maybe humans just aren't that nice after all?

Via Osocio.


Client: Charity Garage Sale

Agency: Red Pepper

Creative Directors: Danil Golovanov, Nikita Harisov

Art Director: Julia Uzkih

Copywriter: Ivan Sosnin

Production: Evgeniy Kharchenko

Producer: Ekaterina Golovkina

Music: "Lost Kitten" by Metric

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