The blow below demonstrates the editors pick feature where you can swap out one of the nested blocks for any other block. In the bottom left quadrant we swapped out “Post Container” with “Custom Container.” We also made changed the text of the label and turned it into a link.

The “custom container” that we chose from above is an older block that allows us to select specific posts we want to be rendered. The layout is not that flexible and we cannot customize it further. For this reason another layout block was created called “Container Layout”. When first created it will allow you to insert posts by the ID or URL. The layout is more flexible and can change into a 2×2 grid. Also notice that I am leaving the “editors layout” label and the “container layout” label blank, no markup should be rendered in regards to the label.

This next two blocks are showing the “custom container” layout on its own. The difference between the two is one is a 4×1 layout and the other is a 2×2

The next block is a custom container but we are inputting different blocks: two custom teasers, a post teaser, an embed,