1-800-Recycling Takes a Hint From Failblog In New Video Campaign

If imitation really is the best form of flattery then 1-800-Recycling has paid a huge compliment to Failblog with their new online video campaign. In the last couple of weeks the dynamic recycling and green living-focused website has launched three videos, all based on FAIL clips. The idea is that the people in these videos failed so badly at what they are trying to do that they won’t get a second chance, but with recycling we all have a second chance.

1-800-Recycling has uploaded three FAIL clips so far. The first, ‘Glee Auditions Fail’, showcases a bunch of actors and singers bombing their auditions for the show Glee. The second, ‘Gym Ball Epic FAIL’, features a guy making a fool of himself at the gym. The most recent clip, ‘Wedding Toast Fail’, is the best by far and features a best man toast gone horribly wrong.

Each of the clips has over 100,000 views so far, including the wedding toast clip, which was only uploaded two days ago. 1-800-Recycling’s campaign is a great example of how paying homage to the types of clips that are already successful is a great strategy when it comes to making viral videos. Failblog is one of the most successful YouTube channels, racking in millions of views with their FAIL videos. 1-800-Recycling has piggybacked off Failblog’s success into a successful video marketing campaign of their own.

What do you think of the new 1-800-Recycling video campaign?

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