10″ BlackBerry Playbook Shows Up in the Wild?

That’s what one Czech gadget blog is reporting, and I think they might be correct.

BlackBerryCzech was covering a BlackBerry Developer’s Conference a few days ago where they came across a number of prototypes. Along with the 10″ Playbook, they report that they saw a not yet released dock and a keyboard case for the 7″ Playbook.

They weren’t able to take any pictures of the 10″ Playbook, but they did show us the other 2 new items. The keyboard case is at right, and I have to say that it is new to me. That case also didn’t show up in a Google image search, so it very likely is a new accessory. Note that there is no proof of the 10″ Playbook, but given the other 2 photos I will take their word for it.

This is a surprise. Last Friday I reported that the Playbook was possibly dead because one Canadian partner had it listed as EOL. If RIM hs  10″ model in the works then clearly the Playbooks is very much alive.


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