10 Must-Have Product Launch Tactics For Facebook

Out with the old and in with the new works in a lot of places, but not with first-time product launches on Facebook. It takes a marriage of traditional and new values.

Writing and sending a press release over the wire services, then calling editors for story coverage will no longer furnish the edge needed to move product. For that you need an integration with Facebook.

1. Traditional

Don’t dismiss the old ways of getting the word out on your product. They still work. Editors are living, breathing human beings who like telephone and face to face contact. It helps them know and trust you and write good things about your product. Press tours, reverse press missions and hard copy press kits are critical tools for introducing your product to the public at large through editorial story placement.

Only beginners believe they have no competition. You must uncover your closest competitors and develop a list of differentiators that set your product apart – what makes it better than theirs? Start with a list of three factors and build upon that. Then – consider merging traditional and social outreach.

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